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    A pioneer in Information Technology, Security Surveillance and Alarm systems, AST Solution today is a well-known name in the security system and related fields. The company believes that ‘Quality is not by chance, but by hard work’ and this has helped it make great strides in the industry. With its highest level of integrity, reliability, accuracy and punctuality, the company has proved that it thoroughly understands...

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    Products & Solutions

    Our range of products & services are vast enough to take care of any requirements of our corporate and non-corporate clients in the fields of Information Technology, Security Surveillance, Alarm systems and Tele-communication solutions. Our service towards our customers can be described as punctual, feasible & professional. We provide our customers with the best of products and the highest quality of services. When it comes to specialization we are the best Integrators of security system, communication system and Information technology. As we utilize only proven, superior products to implement our state-of-the-art techniques, we can maintain our results always above your satisfaction.


Support Services

    The importance of creating a holistic technological framework that incorporates all the innovations that has come up cannot be understated. Therefore, it is extremely important to integrate an IT Support System which has the capacity to upgrade hardware and software whenever a newer version is available, enhance user-end experiences and control the maintenance costs. Our [...]


Latest News

    IP Security Cameras and CCTV Installation

    CCTV Installation with IP Security is a quite recent trend that has taken off because of the fact that IP Security Cameras are the future of how everything is going to be done. The day of the analog is coming to a close as the era of the digital cameras are upon us. The IP [...]



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