IP Security Cameras and CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation with IP Security is a quite recent trend that has taken off because of the fact that IP Security Cameras are the future of how everything is going to be done. The day of the analog is coming to a close as the era of the digital cameras are upon us. The IP Cameras are capable of transporting the recorded materials through the internet to a secured storage device located somewhere safe. This will increase the speed at which the data is disseminated and also of the data gathered, but it is also its biggest security concern. An IP Camera CCTV Installation can be faster, there is quite a good chance that hackers might be able to infiltrate the camera and feed of the recorded device for their malicious intents. There are certain methods that can be used to make it safe:


ip security camerasTo make sure that the firmware is updated

To update the firmware is an important for maintaining the security of the IP Camera. The firmware can be automatically updated by using the admin console in the server to access the manufacturer’s official website. It is also an imperative to keep checking whether there is a new update available regularly so that hackers can never interfere.


To Keep the Cameras Local

This is the perfect solution for you to keep away from all the unwanted Internet hackers, who want to implement their own malicious agenda when they have got hold of your video camera footage. To prevent this from ever happening, you should not try to connect our feed through the internet;instead have it fed through your local server instead. The manufacturer of the IP Cameras will have their own instructions on how to secure the CCTV Camera only to your local network without being exposed to the Internet.

Ensure its Password Protected

A lot of manufacturers do not create their IP Cameras with password protection and they often do not prioritize the security aspect of the CCTV installation with that much vigour, they are more oriented towards recording the content instead. But this exposes the camera to infiltration attempts by all the devious personalities in the internet.
This is why creating a password protection for the IP Camera is imperative. This password must be created so that the cameras do not get affected by the intruders; therefore it is have to be a strong password and username that has to be periodically changed.

The default setting has to be changed

The manufacturer would have set the default username and password into the security system of the IP Cameras and the CCTV installation, but this has to be changed once you’ve installed it in your security apparatus. If this is not done immediately then it can lead to severe repercussions that will enable even the most amateur of hackers to penetrate your defences and capture the feed of your camera without your permission.

WPA Network

The IP Camera that you selected would have the feature of WPA. If that is the case then it is best to make the CCTV connected to a WPA encrypted network so that no one is looking or hearing through the internet looking to find weaknesses or loopholes so that they can swindle precious information from your video feed.


Keep the Cameras at strategic positions

What does a strategic position mean? The answer to that will depend what you consider to be strategic, does it mean places where normally other cameras cannot take recorded footage, and it is places where strangers would not notice. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the different perspective before you finally decide on where to put the security cameras, but it should abide by the rule that it will keep your home or office safe from intruders.


An IP Camera will see get more usage, as analog CCTV Cameras soon become obsolete once the Internet of  Things conquers the mainstream. The fate of CCTV installation has changed.

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