Home Automation System

    AST solutions has a proven track record of designing appropriate, sophisticated smart home solutions, tailor made to suit individual client’s project and budget requirements. The company’s experienced engineers are well trained to install technology that controls all electrical functions at your home in an intelligent way. As modern day is ruled by technology, our lives cannot be lived independent of this. From lighting and sound, to gates and security system, from curtains and shutters to climate control, everything can be controlled with one simple command, by a touch of a single button.

    We provide the following:

    o Lighting control and dimming system
    o Air conditioning and ventilation control systems
    o Curtain control systems
    o Audio video entertainment control system
    o Communication systems
    o Security and surveillance systems Central control units

    Our home automation systems can be integrated to a single controlled network unit that offers multiple choices of control units. We cover:

    o Central control panels
    o Remote control devices
    o IPAD or other portable devices
    o Offsite remote control (WAN/Internet).