IT and Communications

    Management and execution:

    Management of IT sectors in short events and exhibitions projects
    Our qualified staff are well trained to handle Information Technology sectors at small events and exhibitions. Our IT management and consultancy services include offering of IT services for exhibitions and other promotional events, organized by Governmental agencies, Multinationals or local start-ups.

    Infrastructure in construction industries
    UAE has and will always remain a nexus of growth in the construction industry. A sustainable stable growth pattern of the country has always been marked by a steady growth in the construction industry. We have serviced many big names in the construction industry and continue to expand our focus on the sector.

    Management of large and small offices and manufacturing of unit IT infrastructure
    We service both large and small scale offices and provide services including Cloud Computing Solutions, IT Support Services and Business Services, Data Backup etc. Our custom made bouquet of services specially designed for large and small scale offices offer you a range of IT services at affordable costs.

    Maintenance and service level agreements of IT environment
    Service Level Management involves as to how user service requirements are understood and managed. We, as a leading IT service provider, act as a balance between users and business, synchronizing IT services with the business needs of the customers.

    Hardware Software sales, installation, service and support
    As a company providing comprehensive services in Information Technology, we take care of all your IT needs: right from sale of hardware, software peripherals, to installation servicing and support systems for the same.
    Sale of Computer hardware components
    Sale and supply of IT peripherals
    Stand alone and network-based computer installation
    Large office environment implementation

    Windows NT Version Platform Creation
    We undertake designing and implementation of servers such as domain controllers, file server, DMZ, print server etc. and cover:
    Active directory installation and management
    User level management, restriction and control
    Deployment of Security measures like antivirus, anti malware and spy wareRemote site support and maintenance
    Data storage and data protection solutions